Ticket Booking Management

From its name, an online ticket booking system is software that allows potential customers to book and pay for a ticket directly through the website. That means that all stages of booking from choosing a destination to paying for the reservation, are handled online that significantly reduces the staff workload, and eliminates double-bookings.

More advanced systems like ours demonstrate the ability to book through a variety of online methods, including mobile. Not only do they greatly expand the potential for bookings for your business, but also they better leverage the power of the Internet to drive growth and revenue.

  • High performance and flexibility
  • Easy Registration System
  • Payment method
  • Ticket Cancel System
  • Time Management
  • Seat Management
  • Booking Details
  • Add vendors
  • Email notifications
  • Promo code Management
  • Customizable
  • Bus/Flight Management
  • Route Management
  • Board Point Management
  • Drop Point Management
  • Promo Code management
  • Gallery
  • Add Agent
  • Cancellation
  • View Booking Details
  • Seat Layout
  • View Rating Details
  • It works 24/7
  • Hassle-Free Management
  • Self-Service Portals
  • New Booking Trend
  • Workload Reduction
  • Easier and Faster Payments
  • Increased Revenues
  • Smarter Insights
  • Maximize Reservations
  • Manage Calendars

    Web Version
    Android App


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