WiztecBD is always there to help you. You should not worry unnecessarily about your budget. Contact us. We’ll discuss about your idea. And, hopefully something good will come out.

It’s a question that we hear over and over again. The truth is there is no simple or definite answer to this question. After having a discussion with a client, we have the full understanding of the project. After that we can recommend you a budget. It depends on a lot of factors. So we cannot just say 30k, 50k or 1 lac.

Absolutely. We will provide support and maintenance services and keep the project running smoothly. We offer free of cost support, but for a limited period only. And major changes can cost you extra charges. Other than that, there is cost for our support.

Yes. We have experienced professionals who can take over existing or old software projects.

Well, we are not ice cream. We cannot satisfy everyone.
Jokes apart, unfortunately we have had unhappy clients. But we try our best to make amends. If there occurs a problem from the client’s side, we can’t help in this regard. We do best what is available to us and achievable for us.

There are several factors in this regard. Good analysis, planned budget, proper development process, on-time delivery, intelligent marketing, etc. are the factors that are enough to make a project successful.

  • Contact us.
  • Have a discussion with us.
  • Accept our proposition.
  • After the agreement, the development process will start.
  • Receive you project on the time given.

You have nothing to worry about. Our process is organized so that the clients’ risks are minimized.

We do not have anything hidden. All of our processes are transparent.

Flexible Approach

We approach every project in a way that has minimal risks and allows us to satisfy client’s expectations.

Professional Specialists

We have professional specialists in different departments with proven skillsets and achievements.


All of our processes are transparent. Our billing process is also transparent. We do not have any shady business.

Quality & Security

Security and quality are important to us and we are fully dedicated to securing our processes and delivering high-quality products.

Trustworthy Company

Operating globally and providing software development services over three years we proved ourselves as a trustworthy company backed by our clients’ satisfactions.

Extensive Experience

We help our clients to avoid many hardships that other startup owners face. We know how to convert a rough idea into a successful product.