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Wizard Software & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. is a developing service provider for online-based applications. The Company has been promoted by professionals who are dedicated to providing total IT resolutions under one roof.

It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the well-informed minds and experienced hands to offer the most user-friendly customized solutions. From the start, WizTecBD has carved a niche for itself in the IT industry and has expanded its reach by acquiring some major domestic projects. Undoubtedly the company has been able to make a name for itself in a short period. Our designing teams help our clients through the digital design and strategy maze.

Company Overview

Wizard Software & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. is a software house that provides services in digital, technology, and computer-based operations. It has been started in January 2017. The segments of this software house include domain & hosting, web design & development, graphics design, search engine optimization, android application, software development (ERPs), custom software development, etc. It offers an array of services including digital marketing, data analysis, maintenance of IT systems, and other solutions that provide clients with software, services, platforms, and content. It also delivers online support to its clients.

Full cycle
Quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Our complete approach to product and process quality covers the entire process - from discovery to implementation to maintenance.

Innovation & Intelligence

Capitalize on our expertise to boost operational skills, ensure quicker time to value, and revolutionize client service.


Growing Empowerment

Attain the skills of our experts to build an enriched, flawless solution. Rapidly scale your system as your business grows — to support a virtually infinite number of users.


Workflow Automation

Grasp our expertise and knowledge to optimize your business processes. Achieve next-gen efficiencies by automating customer support, resource planning, fraud prevention, and more.


Maximum Revenue

Discover new opportunities with our expert consultation and get the advanced client intelligence, creative features, and diverse revenue models to increase your business growth.



We support our clients in their business challenges and help them get solutions and overcome the obstacles. This is how we do.

The Resources:

A highly skilled management team and experienced Board of Directors manage the affairs of the software house. All projects are managed and controlled by a strong project management team consisting of a Project Director, Technical Director, Project Manager, and Coordinator. In addition to the members of the Board, the management is being assisted by a combination of adroit IT, administration, research, and business development staff members.

Wizard Software & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. continuously updates its resources on the latest instruments and technologies. Most of the members of Wizard Software & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. have the aptitude and talent to maintain the high standards of information & technology of present times.

Business Focus

Business Focus:

Wizard Software & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. is working under three integrated and different areas of Information Technology: ICT Services, Application Development, and IT Education. We believe that to fulfill the ever-increasing demands for IT services of our overseas clients and to have a sensible growth in the IT industry of Bangladesh we need to focus on these three different areas.

To match the present requirement Wizard Software & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. is preparing IT experts with training and is engaged in developing the IT workforce. We believe that IT Education is directly linked to our areas of business of ICT Services and Application development. Besides, our clients can implement the Application Products developed by Wizard Software & Technology Bangladesh Ltd. Our clients are assisted by our ICT services and our post-implementation services to ensure the definitive and smooth operation of their businesses.



We help clients in healthcare deliver inexpensive services adjusted to better patient outcomes through technological innovation.



Retails businesses simplify the journeys with our help to engage customers in new ways through creative technologies.

M & E

Media & Entertainment

On-demand, relevant, and adaptable digital experiences that enable you to engage and inspire audiences.



Unite your supply chain, fleets, and warehousing – for intelligent, inexpensive asset management.



Shift your focus to software by shared mobility and technology convergence and redefine the industry.



Modernize and digitalize the education system to make it fast, intelligent, and durable.



Innovative and unique ideas merged with new technologies to take telecommunication to the next level

M & B

Marketing & Branding

Ground-breaking strategies can bring forth an overwhelming result in marketing and branding platforms.



We take part in various government projects to improve the digital culture of the country.

Engagement models

We profoundly analyze your business needs and consult on the best engagement model for your projects.

Team Based


If you need a continuous improvement of your internal resources, you can select this model to quickly have an expert and save your time from recruitment process.

Project Based


For short-time endeavors this model is good enough to serve you. A clean project roadmap can help you without crossing the budget.

Time and Metarials

Time and Materials

To achieve maximum scope and budget flexibility, this model works best with loosely defined requirement.