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Sometimes your company may need web development or software development services for your clients. You may need an IT service that you do not provide directly.

We understand that IT services are not your priority, and we are ready to take on this task and equip your clients with the services tailored to their industry specifics and business needs.

If you are working solo, you can help us find new IT consulting and web development opportunities. All you need is to provide us with relevant leads, and we’ll reward your efforts according to our Referral Program.

Join WiztecBD Referral Program for IT consulting and web development services and get rewarded for the leads you bring us. We are open to expanding our business network and obtaining new IT consulting and web development challenges.


You’ll be rewarded according to our terms & conditions.

Solo workers with good potential have a higher possibility to get a job at the company.

You can earn while you sleep. It’s one of the best ways of passive income.

The process is simple and easy.

Client handling, Content Management, etc. are none of your concerns.

All necessary information and contents will be provided by the WiztecBD.

Cooperation Procedure

We sign an Agent Agreement that regulates the specifics of our cooperation in frames of the Referral Program (including the commissions you get as a mediator) and a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure sensitive data is not disclosed.

You introduce us to your clients who need IT services (IT consulting, web development, software design, digital marketing, and custom application development).

We communicate with your clients and offer them the solutions they need (or may need) – saving your time and efforts.

When we win a contract, we compensate your efforts (paying a percentage of the contract) according to the conditions of our Referral Program.

Your participation in the project itself is not mandatory, but you can join it, for example, as a consultant. We are interested in a long-term cooperation and can offer all-around web development and IT consulting support to every new customer you have. We respect your reputation and ensure that required services will be delivered to end-users within time and budget. We are also ready to provide you with all the necessary marketing materials to introduce our services to your customers.

Over the past years, we’ve been a faithful partner for various industries including healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, telecom in Bangladesh. It resulted in new long-term relationships for our partners and us. We believe that doing business with partners is an efficient way to reach out to the clients, meet their expectations.

Please feel free to send your questions to us and set up a free consultation with our representative.


Web Design & Development

Our web application development service includes everything from a simple CMS enabled website to developing powerful web apps and more.

Mobile Application Development

We deliver smart and next-gen mobile experiences. Our intuitive apps crafted by combining futuristic technologies and creative inspirations.

Digital Marketing

As digital marketing helps brands to improve their customer relationships, it’s considered to be a great way of marketing. Digital marketing is great for both improving customer service and customer relationships.


Get fast, secure & reliable e-commerce solutions provided by a team of experts that have a track record delivering satisfying digital experience.

Custom Software Design

Off the shelf software can be a good short term solution. It doesn’t scale with your business and your needs. You need software that fits your processes and workflows to outcompete others.

ERP Solutions

Graphic Design

We are assisting businesses to create software solutions that render intuitive and immersive user experience.



We help clients in healthcare deliver inexpensive services that are adjusted to better patient outcomes, through technological innovation.


Retails businesses simplifies the journeys with our help to engage customers in new ways through creative technologies.

Media & Entertainment

On-demand, relevant and adaptable digital experiences that enable you to engage and inspire audiences.


Unite your supply chain, fleets and warehousing – for smart, inexpensive asset management.


Modernize and digitalize the education system to make it fast, smart and durable.


Innovative and unique ideas merged with new technologies to take the telecommunication in the next level



IT consulting

We can initiate with solution and platform consulting to help our clients get a proper vision of the IT solution they want to implement. We can provide IT consulting advising companies how to improve their IT sectors.



We are always ready to help our clients in integration, data migration and other related processes to ensure that a new IT solution integrates into their workflows and contributes to business value.



We provide all kinds of support of the IT solutions our clients are using. We add new functionality, ensure better interoperability, performance and usability, and fix bugs.


3-year experience in IT consulting and software development for healthcare, banking, retail, telecom and other industries.

Expert professionals with a wide range of skills we are fully equipped to rely on our internal resources.

Fair and transparent commissions.

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Are you ready to be a partner with us? Need more details? Contact us and explore how we can operate. We provide you everything essential. You do not have to worry about anything.