Inventory Management

Inventory management systems track goods through the entire supply chain or the portion of it a business operates in. That covers everything from production to retail, warehousing to shipping, and all the movements of stock and parts between. Practically, it means a business can see all the small moving parts of its operations, allowing it to make better decisions and investments. Different inventory managers focus on different parts of the supply chain through small businesses are usually more interested in the ordering and sales end of the chain.

  • Dynamic Dashboard 
  • Anal 
  • User List
  • Add User
  • Customer List
  • Add Customer
  • Biller List
  • Add Biller
  • Supplier List
  • Add Supplier
  • Reports 
  • Summary Report
  • Best Seller
  • Product Report
  • Daily Sale
  • Monthly Sale
  • Daily Purchase
  • Monthly Purchase
  • Sale Report
  • Payment Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Warehouse Report
  • Warehouse Stock Chart
  • Product Quantity Alert
  • User Report
  • Customer Report
  • Supplier Report
  • Due Reportddd 
  1. Our inventory management strategy improves the accuracy of inventory orders
  2. Our inventory management strategy leads to a more organized warehouse.
  3. Our inventory management strategy helps save time and money.
  4. Our inventory management strategy increases efficiency and productivity.
  5. Our inventory management strategy keeps your customers coming back for more.

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