Hotel Booking Management

A hotel booking system is a software application that is implemented by hotels to allow guests to create secure online reservations. The hotel booking system can be synced, not only with your current website but also with Facebook. This allows guests to reserve rooms in a way that is convenient for them via social media.

In addition to allowing guests to book online directly, these reservation systems can also provide hotel operators with additional resources.

  • Booking engine on your website       
  • Multi-languages supported    
  • Customized input fields         
  • Alerts on new bookings
  • Create multiple room types   
  • Offering add-ons & extras     
  • Categorizing room types                   
  • Block out individual rooms/units       
  • Rate manager 
  • Add surcharges & taxes         
  • Set restrictions Seasonal rates
  • Discount/coupon codes
  • Booking Channels
  • Guest Communication
  • Calendar overview     
  • Modify & cancel bookings    
  • Group & split bookings         
  • Reuse contact details for returning guests 
  • Schedule cleaning & housekeeping tasks   
  • Printable booking PDFs         
  • History log     
  • Service & Support     
  • Export booking information  
  • Payment Management
  • Saves time on admin tasks
  • Relationship Development
  • Increases your online visibility
  • Effective Revenue Management System
  • Manages distribution functions
  • Increases bookings
  • Accurate daily reports
  • Prevent errors
  • Analyze your customer base
  • Transform your property

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