Employee Profile Management

An Employee Profile Management System delivers effective employee data management & integrated directory services to lessen the administrative costs associated with employee profile management. In the analog system, for minor modifications such as personal information changes, one has to request for administrator’s permission as the administrator has all the privileges to modify the employee’s information.

Every organization needs a centralized store of employee information, a complete profile of an employee. The profile is defined as an analysis that represents various characteristics of one.

Employee Profile Management System is a web-based application that provides comprehensive employee data management capabilities.

Organizational Details

Organizational details like Company Profile Name, the User name (email), Date of Joining, Location, company, etc., can be maintained in an EPM System.

Personal Details

Personal details like address; Contact Details, Date of Birth, etc. are also recorded in an EPM System.


EPM System records the educational qualifications of each employee and the certifications achieved by them.


EPM System makes a list of the entire experience of the employee who was indifferent to companies holding different designations on his overall career period. It collects and stores all the data regarding the experience of the employees.


Each employee has a different kind of skill. EPM System makes a note about the skills of the employees.


EPM System is essential to maintain documents specifically belonging to an individual employee. For example, Resume, Sample Work, Certification, etc.

Reporting Structure

A reporting structure can be created in the EPM System. It’s an authority relationship that the employee associated.

  • Speed
  • No Paper Work
  • Data Integrity
  • Fully Automated Employee Tracking
  • Easy Profile Maintenance & More

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