blockchain technoology

A blockchain is a time-stamped series of fixed record of data that is managed by group of computers not owned by any single entity. Every block of data is secured and bound to each other using cryptographic principles.

Blockchain Development Services

  • Cryptocurrency Development – ICO

Complete services for initial coin offerings on the top of the delicate platform are provided that includes token creation, ICO pricing strategy, ICO Crowdsale management, and marketing strategy.

  • Smart Contract Development

The technology facilitates unique contracts and distributed application development. We ensure decentralization, automation, and transparency in the transactions by writing your smart contract code with security.

  • POC Development

Test out new ideas with Proof of Concept development services that exhibit the major concept of your blockchain application with cost effective and time saving investment.

  • Private Blockchain Development

Building and implementation of the private blockchain can be controlled and handled by your organization if you want to keep the transactions confidential. This stresses more one the confidentiality and more preference for many enterprises.

  • Wallets Development

The security with Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Bitcoin wallet development to obtain, reserve and dispatch the digital currencies is leveled up by us. The public and private keys are stored by the digital wallets to enable secure transactions.

  • Hyper Ledger and Multichain Development 

The development and deployment of the next-gen secure blockchain through multichain & hyperledger platform along with the execution of the existing data.

what does wiztecbd provide?

  • Technology Advisory

We are always offering our assistance to hold the perspective of blockchain applications through ready-made blockchain application development for the client. They resolve business challenges with the right combination of technology, tools, platforms, infrastructure and technical workforce.

  • Consulting Services

Our expert team gives the best advice that covers the company goals. Our experts understand the applicability of blockchain and the evaluation of business and thus they deploy strategies.